The mission of the Theatre Consortium of Silver Spring is to provide innovative management of the Silver Spring Black Box Theatre for the culturally diverse resident companies and other artists and organizations for the enrichment of the community in and around the Silver Spring Arts and Entertainment District.



The Theatre Consortium of Silver Spring will provide performance space for the resident companies and other artists and organizations, as the rental calendar allows.  The Theatre Consortium will present high quality, diverse, and reasonably priced performance art across disciplines.


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Lumina Studio Theatre’s mission is to provide unique opportunities for young actors of any level of experience who seek to perform Shakespeare, other plays of the classical repertory theatre, and modern plays that focus on the beauty of language.

Lumina provides a disciplined and rigorous professional setting where actors are trained in a comprehensive performance focused program including: in-depth vocal and character coaching, improvisation, and stage combat training, detailed costumes, live music, choreography and occasionally special elements such as masks to support the shows. The results are exhilarating and thoughtful productions that demand more of our aspiring actors, and benefit them for life, whether they pursue acting professionally or become informed and astute patrons of the arts.


Flying V is redefining theatre, with the intent to invigorate and inspire people to live life with a greater sense of appreciation and adventure, to combat the increasing epidemic of existential loneliness in our culture. A gateway drug to theatre that bridges the gap between pop culture and high culture, we are dedicated to the creation, development, and production of vibrant original work, offbeat contemporary plays, and theatrical performance art inspired by genre fiction and other modern mythologies. By creating work that reflects the intimate struggles of the human condition through vivid, high concept metaphors and artistic vigor, we hope to shine a light on the loneliness and isolation that so many feel and create a sense of connection and wonder. We are your Friendly Neighborhood Indie Theatre. Expect Awesome. Be Awesome.


The Live Garra Theatre offers enormous opportunities; endeavoring to illuminate all facets of a multicultural society; fostering cross-cultural understanding of the many ethnic voices in the community and to address universal social-life issues. The Theatre Company features full-length productions, play readings, acting seminars, internships, workshops, lectures, and Q&A discussions.

Race is a compelling subject; the dearth of African-American Theatre in Montgomery County, Maryland and the Washington, DC metropolitan area is real; the demand and need is great. Live Garra Theatre is dedicated to increasing awareness, preserving the unique legacy of the African-American heritage; contributing to the survival of Black Theatre. Why Black Lives Matter…


Through collaborative performance and lifelong learning opportunities, people with intellectual and developmental disabilities gain the skills and confidence to engage with the world.

We believe that when people make their own choices and are engaged, stimulated, challenged and inspired, they surpass both their own and others’ expectations. ArtStream strives to build an inclusive world where everyone can perform their art out.


Bio: Jonathan Ezra Rubin is a theatre administrator with over a decade of experience in the field. He began his current path as the Assistant to the General Manager at Woolly Mammoth Theatre, focusing on facility and financial management, then took over most duties of the Operations Manager when the position was vacant, including managing the Rentals department. Following that, he took the theatre he’d co-founded up to New York and spearheaded its inaugural Development campaign and launch until returning to the Washington, DC region the following year. Upon returning in September 2011, he joined Flying V, a Montgomery County-based nonprofit performing arts company, as the Development and then Managing Director, and returned to Woolly Mammoth Theatre, where he worked his way up in the Box Office, Concessions, and Rental Management departments, taking over supervisory roles in each. Jonathan also served as Woolly Mammoth’s Interim Business Development Manager in 2013. Jonathan has been with the Theatre Consortium as its sole Full Time employee since December 2014, working with the Consortium Members, Montgomery County representatives, and outside rental clients to facilitate the smooth operation and management of the Silver Spring Black Box and Theatre Consortium of Silver Spring. Outside of his role as the Theatre Consortium’s Managing Director, Jonathan served as the Managing Director and then Associate Artistic Director for Flying V from December 2011 until June 2020 when he transitioned to their Advisory Board. Additionally, Jonathan freelances as a Fight & Intimacy Director and is an Associate Member of the Stage Directors and Choreographers Society (SDC), a national theatrical union.

Contact Info

Managing Director
Silver Spring Black Box
8641 Colesville Road
Silver Spring, MD 20910
Phone: 301-588-8270





President: Lawrence Thompson (TD Bank)

Vice President: Susan Hoffmann (Montgomery County Recreation – Retired)

Secretary: Warren Sharon (Formerly, AFI Silver)

Treasurer: Gordon Nimmo-Smith (Shakespeare Theatre Company)

At Large: Shuaa Tajammul (Shuaa Tajammul, Esq.)

At Large: Julie Reiner (Formerly, Theatre Consortium of Silver Spring)

Ex-Officio: Wanda Whiteside (Live Garra Theatre)

Ex-Officio: Sophie Cameron (Lumina Studio Theatre)

Ex-Officio: Meg Lebow (Lumina Studio Theatre)

Ex-Officio: Katherine Offutt (Flying V)

Ex-Officio: Heller An Shapiro (ArtStream)

Ex-Officio Staff Representative – Managing Director: Jonathan Ezra Rubin




The Theatre Consortium of Silver Spring is supported in part by funding from the Montgomery County Government and the Arts & Humanities Council of Montgomery County,
The Theatre Consortium of Silver Spring is supported in part by funding from the Maryland State Arts Council. To discover more about the Maryland State Arts Council and how they impact Maryland, visit msac.org.
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